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MoBoleez Breastfeeding Hat - Best Nursing Cover Ever: Camo Baby

Breastfeeding isn’t always easy. If you’re a gal that likes to cover when nursing, it can be a pain to be draped in an awkward, bulky, hot, restrictive, breastfeeding cover or blanket. And, good luck seeing your bundle of joy as he or she nurses. Sure, they’re in there somewhere – but be careful moving that blanket! It can easily slip off, + then the whole world gets a view of your… Well, you get it.

So, for the hip mama who’s nursing + prefers to cover her ‘goods’, we’ve created the grooviest, easy-to-use breastfeeding cover available, the MoBoleez Breastfeeding Hat. It covers the breast - but not the breastfeeding - so it helps normalize breastfeeding and encourages mamas to go anywhere and nurse confidently!

  • ✓ NO MORE EATING UNDER BLANKETS. Say ‘buh-bye’ to awkward, bulky, hot + restrictive covers + fall in love with the uber-portable, reversible, MoBoleez Breastfeeding Hat. Machine washable + eco-friendly.
  • ✓ MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT + EASILY CHECK ON BABY. Merely lift the flexible brim so you can lock eyes with your bambino – but nobody can see your ‘boobino.’
  • ✓ STAY COOL + MOVE FREELY with the soft, comfortable, breathable, stay-on-sideways design. The super-wide brim covers your ‘goods’, protects from sun + distractions, yet allows for optimal movement + airflow, so mama + baby don’t overheat.
  • ✓ ALWAYS A HIT AT BABY SHOWERS! Want to wow the mama-to-be with a unique, dazzling gift for a sensible price? Look no further. The MoBoleez Hat is always a hit.
  • ✓ SEE WHAT OUR MAMAS ARE SAYING! See our website for all testimonials, but here are a few fab excerpts! “Feel more comfortable nursing in public!” (Emily R.), “Keeps her distraction to a minimum!” (Christine K.), “I hated trying to clumsily nurse under a blanket, but using the Moboleez nursing hat is so easy!” (Monica B.), “Doesn't try to pull it off! (Liz T.), “Allows more air for both Aiden + I! (Katie S).”

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        The coolest hat!!

        A very useful and cool nursing hat ever !!

        So glad you love it, Sofia! Making breastfeeding easier totally rocks. Thanks for the great review!
        Nursing Hat Cover - Cutest Idea!

        Thanks for the MoBoleeze! I love the ease of using the hat as a nursing cover. It’s small and packable, yet covers me up without drawing attention- other than how cute the hat is! It doesn’t make him hot nor block his view of me while nursing. It just looks like I’m holding him. I’m thinking of giving one to a friend who just had a baby as a gift! She’ll love it, too! Wish you had more “boy” options, but my husband and I love the blue camouflage (reversible to solid blue) hat!

        Thanks so much, Arlynn! Your feedback and your praise mean the world to us! Making breastfeeding easier totally rocks and we are so glad you're loving it!
        Awesome feeding cover

        Tired of being buried under a blanket and hot? This product is amazing! Just enough coverage to feed anywhere with the ease of no cover! Doubled as a hat to keep the baby out of the sun! Very happy with this hat!!!!!

        Thanks so much Ellie! We appreciate the great feedback. It means the world to us that mamas are enjoying our product. Yay!

        Very good idea, we very happy

        Lots of Love from Texas!!

        I looooove my MoBoleez breastfeeding hat! Texas summers are HOT and covering my daughter while trying to nurse in public just wasn’t working. The heat under the cover would cause her to get fussy and unlatch, leading to crying and an inconsolable baby. With the hat I am able to keep her little body cool and comfortable while she nurses while keeping myself covered. Thank you for creating something that makes the lives of breastfeeding mamas a little easier! ❤️

        Here is a photo of us today at Sea World San Antonio nursing in the shark tank

        Yaaaay Bianca! So glad you love it. Thanks so much for the great review! Means the world to us.

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        Customer Reviews

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        Sizing Your MoBoleez Hat

        MoBoleez hats come in two sizes:

        The vast majority of mommas are very happy with MoBoleez's sizing but, like all clothing, there will be children on either end of the size percentile (very large or very small for their age) that will not fit into our specified size range.

        Please take note of whether baby is on either end of the size percentile and order accordingly. If you're not sure, send us an email here and we can help you choose the best size and design for you!

        NOTE: As mentioned, please choose your size carefully. But, if you do and If your hat doesn't fit your baby, we still want you to be happy. You can exchange it for a different size directly with MoBoleez. Please see our return policy here