... MoBoleez moms love their hats!

"Just wanted to say thank you again for the beautiful new nursing hat....it's so beautiful and I keep getting compliments whenever I use it. :-) Here are two photos of me nursing with the new hat. Thank you!!!
- Anna Hemp

"Hi Diane, I just wanted to thank you for all you did for me. I appreciated a lot every attention. You have a very good customer service. Thanks you very much again. I would also like to tell you I love the little hat,"
-Chrystel Dorais-Roy, Quebec

"I gave one of the hats this weekend as a baby shower gift and all the ladies just LOVED it!!!!"
- Nadina Kezel, Maple Ridge, BC

"I actually have a Moboleez & it sure was great on our cruise in September. It helped me feel more comfortable nursing in public & it also was a great sun hat for my little boy! I highly recommend Moboleez to nursing mothers."
- Emily R. from Old Hickory, TN

"I got one of your breastfeeding hats for a gift and am so impressed with the thoughtful design and the positive message that your website brings about breastfeeding. I am breastfeeding my baby and wouldn't trade the experience for anything - #1, the closeness I feel with my infant is irreplaceable, #2 it's convenient (in the night especially - no going to the kitchen and warming a bottle) and #3 - cheap! Not to mention, healthier for the baby and helps the mother shed pounds. I'm very pro - nursing and was excited to find you guys that are too! Thanks so much for helping make it a positive thing!"

Posted by Rose from North Dakota

"I wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I have been very happy with my Moboleez hat.  What a great invention!  I showed it off all over Toronto! It helped me to feel a lot more secure while feeding in public and it helped to keep her distractions to a minimum."
- Christine K, Toronto, ON

"Fabulous idea!  I can discreetly nurse my baby and look cute doing it!  There is something so adorable about a baby wearing a big floppy hat anyway, and that floppy brim does just the trick to cover any exposed area of my chest.  I hated trying to clumsily nurse under a blanket, but using the Moboleez nursing hat is so easy.  It also takes up much less space than a blanket and is squishable, making it a breeze to throw into any size diaper bag.  Every nursing mom NEEDS one!"

 - Monica Bidwell, Central City Kentucky

"My baby and I both LOVE the Moboleez hat!  The fabric is so soft and comfortable that she doesn't try to pull it off.  Everywhere I use it, other moms are intrigued and often comment "What an innovative idea!  Where did you get it?"    
- Liz Thirsk, from Coquitlam, B.C.

"As soon as I saw the concept for the Moboleez Breastfeeding Bonnet, I knew I had to have one. I was getting tired of maneuvering awkward receiving blankets around in order to feed my 3 month old discreetly in public. My new bonnet gives me the added confidence I need to nurse in the park or when out with friends, and it's stylish too!
- Penny Greening, first time Mommy from Vancouver, B.C.

That is the neatest hat. I've never seen one before, but I know it will be a big hit with the other mums. It's perfect for taking out to all the groups we go to!
- Teresa from Kitimat, B.C.

I think it is a fabulous design, very fun, functional, and cute too. I have always had a bit of trouble with the etiquette of breastfeeding, and this is such an inventive solution.
- Nicole, from Langley, B.C.





Anna Hemp sent us this great photo of her breastfeeding with our beautiful "Tropical Tiles" hat from our Couture Collection. Thanks Anna!


Megan M. from Houston, Texas:  "This is me with my son using the Moboleez for the first time.. Loved it!!"

MoBoleez Mom 

 MoBoleez Mom Monica B. and her baby Josi from Central City, Kentucky sent us this Photo Testimonial! So cute....!!!



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