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About us

Our Name

The name MoBoleez derives from “mobile” and “ease” — because we understand the needs and lifestyle of the modern parent.

Our Purpose

MoBoleez is here to make parenting a little bit easier with products and entertainment designed for busy, on-the-go moms. With humour and authenticity, MoBoleez adds a raw, light-hearted, non-judgemental voice to the conversation about the challenges and joys of raising up the next generation.

Our Values

We believe that every parent knows what’s best for their kids. We exist to encourage families to embrace their beautiful imperfections, and to support their journey. MoBoleez knows that parenting is hard, and that any helpful advice and products that make life even just a little bit easier are worth their weight in gold.

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MoBoleez is owned by Steiner & Ruks Co., a family-run company in the beautiful Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada.







Sizing Your MoBoleez Hat

MoBoleez hats come in two sizes:

The vast majority of mommas are very happy with MoBoleez's sizing but, like all clothing, there will be children on either end of the size percentile (very large or very small for their age) that will not fit into our specified size range.

Please take note of whether baby is on either end of the size percentile and order accordingly. If you're not sure, send us an email here and we can help you choose the best size and design for you!

NOTE: As mentioned, please choose your size carefully. But, if you do and If your hat doesn't fit your baby, we still want you to be happy. You can exchange it for a different size directly with MoBoleez. Please see our return policy here