MoBoleez hats are a brand new product category (breastfeeding hats? What are they?), so it may take some effort to educate your customers about this product category. That's where the fun comes in!

People love new ideas, and learning about new products, especially fun practical ones. The hats come in a cute little hat box, that can be hung on a peg, or stacked. The box shows off the illustration or print on the front, so ensuring that is visible can grab customer's attention. However, we also recommend having an open hat hanging or put on a table, so people can readily feel how soft the fabric is, and see how wide the brim is compared to the tiny little head!


  • Every new customer receives a free 5X7 photo with photo frame. MoBoleez hats will sell much better with a photo - otherwise customers won't 'get' what they are for! If you don't have your photo/frame, contact us at and we'll send you one!
  • Rack cards available. Great for a point of sale or a handout/promotion tool for you.
  • Hang tags are available if you would prefer hanging vs. Boxed Packaging.

As a new brand, MoBoleez is actively working on marketing and brand building activities. If you are interested in working with us on this, please let us know.


Studies show that this generation of moms is yearning to return to a simpler, more  style of parenting and feeding, including nursing. If your store is trying to appeal to and support breastfeeding moms, you'll want to include some fun, pro-breasfeeding images in your store. Feel free to download and print the following posters for your store (large files, suitable for printing):


Downloadable Posters Available that celebrate breastfeeding!


    Ask us about this FREE store poster available via Le Duck Distributors!  

Downloadable Posters Available that celebrate breastfeeding!


Trade Shows!

Come see MoBoleez at the America's Mart in Atlanta (July '08), the Chicago Gift Show (July '08), and the Las Vegas Baby Show (Sept '08)! Via the Mama Mia Showroom.


Just-right Packaging

The hats come in a cute little hat box, that can be hung on a peg, or stacked. The vinyl bag shows off the illustrations on the top, so they are sure to grab your customer's attention.



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