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Simply Breastfeeding DVD

$15.00 USD

Simply Breastfeeding: The Criso Breastfeeding Method

“Simply Breastfeeding” puts you in the front row of a real breastfeeding class led by Shari Criso MSN, CNM, IBCLC, filmed with a live audience of expectant parents. This second edition DVD program runs approximately an hour and a half and has been updated with streamlined content presented in High Definition. What you’ll learn: Shari’s presentation begins with the benefits that breastfeeding provides to both you and your baby. You’ll understand why breastfeeding is so important and be eager to make it a part of your life. From there, Shari provides a no-nonsense, step-by-step guide including everything you need to breastfeed successfully, from avoiding pain and finding the right latch to making sure that baby is getting enough to eat.

Bonus: A free, downloadable workbook for your hospital bag provides useful reminders and quick tips when you need them the most.

“Shari’s got an incredibly disarming, nurturing personality that just draws you in. Listening to her is like chatting with a girlfriend, but better, since Shari’s got the credentials to back up what she’s teaching. I’ve benefited so much from watching her DVD – our daughter just turned one and we’re still going strong! Thanks, Shari!” ~ Amy W., mother of one

The Criso Breastfeeding Method is simple, straightforward, and mom-tested. “Simply Breastfeeding” is based on the real experiences of thousands of moms who have worked with Shari over the years.worked 




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