Our People

Diane Currie Sam


It is hard to fit Diane into a traditional career designation. An entrepreneur, corporate educator, business owner and nursing mother of two little boys, she has worked with many clients and customers to develop products and create, profitable, business opportunities. Diane is driven by her intense curiosity about the forces driving personal and corporate excellence. She was the founder and developer of two successful Canadian technology firms, Infinity Internet (aquired by Cyberion Networking Corp.) and Digital Ripple Services.

But the real secret to her appeal is her gift for laughter, story telling, and drawing out the passion and purpose of companies and the people within the companies. With MoBoleez, Diane has put her business development skills to use in creating her vision of a quality, family-centred, purposeful company. Keep an eye on MoBoleez, there are many good things to come!



Diane has been an instructor and seminar leader for the University of British Columbia, Capilano College, and numerous corporate clients. She has a bachelor of science degree from UBC, and an MA from Trinity Western University.