Got a Breastfeeding Story? Tell it to the World!

April 20th, 2010 by Diane Sam

I founded MoBoleez with the intention of celebrating and supporting the breastfeeding mom. But, the more I talked to women, the more I realized they had something to say. They all had stories about what breastfeeding was like for them:

... like the women who was told her nipples pointed the wrong way, and might have trouble breastfeeding (what??? how can your nipples point the wrong way? That seems like urban myth to me! - she breastfed just fine, by the way...) the mom who had to argue with the nurse in the hospital against supplimenting the baby with formula, when he was latching and nursing just fine! the mom who was trying to breastfeed her baby in a crowded bus and ended up spraying milk all over the guy sitting next to her ... the mom who struggled for months with pumping, sore breasts, mastistis, etc.. so she could breastfeed her really premature baby (who is happy she did, by the way).


... like the many moms who couldn't breastfeed, who were advised not to breastfeed, who struggled and gave up, etc..

 .. and the thousands of moms out there who were surprised a how deeply they loved breastfeeding, how sad they were when they finally gave it up ,and how they wished the experience was better understood, and the emotional depth of it was explored and acknowledged.

How to Tell your Story:   Participate in our "Cafe Au Lait" Video Documentary

We are re-launching our "Cafe Au Lait" video documentary/collection efforts at our booth at the Baby Vibe Spring Family and Baby Fair May 15th at the Inlet Theatre and Galleria in Port Moody, BC. (graciously co-sponsored by Wendy at PumpEase)

Stop by our booth for a chance to tell your story for our video camera and share your story. All our videos will be published on the "Cafe Au Lait" YouTube Channel, and on this blog. If you can't make it in person, we will happily accept a video clip emailed to

If you are camera-shy, we'd love to post your story online and begin developing our database of stories. The only thing we ask that you agreee to publish your name and contact information, as we want this to be a resource for health care professionals, educators, journalists, etc.. who are researching women's experiences of breastfeeding, and they may need to contact you for a quote, clarification, etc..

Our Promise to You

We promise not to judge you or criticize your personal decisions. We promise to respect and honour women and their stories. We will not publish hateful or demeaning comments. This is a way to openly share our experiences.

We will publish your story online and let the community respond with comments and insights. We will also publish stories we have received by email, one per day at 9:30am in the morning to keep the conversation going. If we end up with a backlog of stories,  we might have to schedule publication for a future date, but we promise to publish in a timely manner.  If you want to have it published right away, please state so in the story body.

Please contact if you have a question about submitting stories online or if you want to submit your story by email.

P.S. Dads welcome too! Grandmas, grandpas, siblings, etc.. are welcome too. If you have a breastfeeding story, we want to hear it!

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Wendy Armbruster Bell said:

The first time I saw one of Diane's "Cafe Au Lait" Breastfeeding videos, I was very moved by the stories that moms had to tell. I had a relatively easy time breastfeeding my two daughters and thus was sheltered somewhat from the struggles that other moms experience. I think it is beneficial to ALL to share these stories, thus increasing understanding and support for breastfeeding moms. I'm so happy to be working with Diane on the re-launch of this initiative.

April 20th, 2010 11:07pm

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