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November 12th, 2009 by Vicky Ward

Ottawa Cloth Diapers was started in March 2008 by WAHM Vicky Ward.

We had always been interested in cloth diapers but never took the time to really look into it. Each time we threw away a disposable diaper we knew it would sit there for hundreds of years in a landfill! When our son was 5 months of age we finally decided it was time to look into alternatives.

This is when we fell in love with the great new cloth diapers that are available today. The colors and choices are endless! They are not only cute and fun but they are also very easy to use and clean, even for Daddy! This is when we realized that we had to help other families discover how great cloth diapers are. We had always wanted a small business and this was our chance.


Since the start of the business we have had another son, Gabriel.  Both our sons (2yo and 8mos old) are 100% cloth diapered!  We are constantly in search of new cloth diapering products that we test and add to our business.  In the last few months, we have also started to add many other natural parenting products (like the MoBoleez hat!) that we love using with our own children.

Our goal for the business is to provide information to families on the benefits and the ease of cloth diapering as well as provide them with high quality first-rate products.

Another important objective for us is to reduce the use of disposable diapers that are polluting our environment. It is important to us that our children be raised in the healthiest environment possible. We feel it is important that families are aware of alternatives to disposable diapers and that they be able to find all the information and resources they need to make the right choices for their family. It's never too late to start, no matter what age your child is (unless he is already potty trained!)

We hope that Ottawa Cloth Diapers will meet all of these objectives as well as provide exceptional customer service to all the families that contact us! 

Ottawa Cloth Diapers and MoBoleez are giving away a free hat this month! To enter the contest, you can 1) become a fan of Ottawa Cloth Diapers, 2) comment on their blog, or 3) follow them on twitter, you'll be automatically entered in the draw!

Visit the Ottawa Cloth Diapers Facebook fan page for all of the latest updates.

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