Lunapads - Enabling the "Aha Moment"

September 17th, 2009 by Diane Sam

Life is a challenge. You have to figure out what you want to do, who you love, what defines you, and what you stand for. So when you meet people that live that challenge well, it's worth blogging about.

These last few days at The ABC Kids Show in Las Vegas, I had a chance to get to know two great ladies from Lunapads, Madeleine Shaw and Ann VanMesel and the one thing that impressed me about these ladies and Lunapads in general is they know what they stand for.

Lunapads sells washable menstrual pads and panties, and the re-useable Diva Cup. Now, I could go on about concepts such as sustainability, ecology, social conscience, empowering women and girls, etc.. ... but what it comes down to is that they support that "aha moment", that inner switch when suddenly your period stops being this yucky thing you  just have to deal with, to something that empowers you, that makes you a women, that enabled you to bring forth life, that needn't burden the planet or you.

The other day I walked past a huge display in Costco of pads and tampons. I looked at it with a weird sense of bewilderment that women would actually buy these bleached, earth hurting products month after month. What a waste. How ugly and clinical. I felt powerful. Like I'd stepped out of a fog. I was a Lunapad/Diva Cup girl. I was cool.  Something inside me had unalterably switched.

That's my take on what Lunapads stands for. It was a pleasure hanging out with you Madeleine and Ann .. keep up the good work!!!!

P.S. For all you recently post-partum moms that read this blog, they also carry Lunapads and panties designed for postpartum.

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