Book Review: "When you're about to go off the Deep End...."

August 14th, 2007 by Diane Sam

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to keep the peace in a chaotic household, I recommend picking up the book "When you're about to go off the Deep End, Don't take your Kids with you" By Kelly Nault.

It's full of helpful hints to keep your sanity, like putting yourself in a a "mom time out" to give yourself some quiet time to calm down and deal with a situation. Or, taking some vital "life field trips" as a way to entertain and educate your kids at the same time.

But I really liked its non-preachy, but educational approach to child psychology. For example, youngest children are not always the 'innocent' victims of the older ones, or why kids secretly love chores (believe it or not, we can sometimes subtly encourage our kids not to like chores, when if it is approached well, can be really rewarding for them).

It's fun, helpful and easy-to-browse. Check it out at:

Thanks to Kathy V. from Langley, a MoBoleez mom (and model!) for suggesting this book!

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