Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

December 24th, 2008 by Diane Sam

As I sit down to write this I wonder… what on earth did we do this year….?? What really happens in year of raising two little boys? Daily life goes by, and  it seems day after day you notice small changes in them. New words they start to use,

ideas about the world they seem to start to understand. Things that you used to do for them, they start to do themselves…

And a year flies by, and you’ve been a mom to 2 beautiful children who are growing up and changing everyday…
And I realize, hey we really did do a lot this year didn’t we?

And all really is right with this world …

Philosophical Musings …

So, what a strange, exhilarating year 2008 has been, eh?

For us, the strangeness started around March, when Randy got laid off from his job rather unexpectedly. Now, this can put a bit of a twist into your normal family life. The routine is knocked out of whack! We’re used to Daddy going off to work in the morning, and suddenly there he is! And Randy, a hardworking guy who’s never missed a day at work for 20+ years, has no job to go to.

Randy, being a guy who takes his responsibilities to his family seriously, automatically started to worry when he got laid off. He looks at me and the boys, and feels a mix of deep love and affection but also a big sense of responsibility as someone who takes care of us and provides for us. I think it’s a guy thing! I know as the mother of this family, I’m equally responsible for the well-being and livelihood this family, but I just don’t think I feel it the same way a man does.

I’m focused on the emotional well-being of the family, and I figure that if there is love, affection and respect in the family, the other stuff (like say, feeding us) will take care of itself. Or, maybe I just allow Randy to shoulder that part of the responsibilities. Also, I’m a natural optimist. Ultimately, life for me seems to unfold “as it should”, that a door closing just means another one is opening, even though I may not be quite able to see it or understand it.

The title of this section is “philosophical musings”, so I guess I’d better muse …

What I learned from this temporary glitch in our home/work life is to keep talking to each other, and to keep the focus on what’s important to you. For example, going through what we did when Eli was born almost 3 months prematurely in 2004 really helped us understand that nothing in life is as important as your family and your children. Randy and I learned early in our marriage that nothing is more important than love of family, than taking care of each other. We learned how to put things in perspective.

I also learned that it’s very easy to get caught up in the “what if’s?”, like “what if he can’t get another job right away?”, “what if he has to work out of town?”, “what if we have to move?”, etc, etc…. But this is a crazy way to think! I resolved two things when Randy was out of work 1) to be 100% optimistic, which is my nature anyway, but still hard to be all the time, and 2) let him deal with it. Yes, let him deal with it – that was much harder for me. Because, it’s also sort of my nature to want to take over, especially when I’m stressed and start to offer all sorts of “advice” and “help”. So, butting out and respecting his abilities to do what needs to be done worked out the best for both of us.

Ultimately, it was nice having Randy around over the spring, as he got a lot of stuff done around the house! The “honey do” list was very long, and he found it a great stress release to get outside and pound some nails! As I said, Randy was back to work in 3 months, and since he got a 6 month severance anyway, we ended up ahead of the game, and life just continued on, as it tends to do …

The Boys!

So, back to my favourite topic – the boys! There’s nothing a mom likes to talk about more than how cute her kids are, and of course I’m no exception. So, please indulge me in this once a year letter! Eli is now 4 1/2  years old, and he still captures my heart with his sparkle and unique personality. He is full of jokes, laughter, music and singing. He loves to put on “shows”, which generally consist of him putting on a goofy CD and running around the room doing “crazy exercises” and singing. He is so curious, and is endlessly inquisitive. “Why Mommy? Why?” rings in my ears all day!

Jimmy is 2 ½, and of course mommy’s little sweetheart. He’s so full of life! He is passionate and fun, and starting to make little jokes and then laughing at what he said. So cute at this age, because he has generally said something ridiculous (like he actually thinks it’s funny to call me “Mommy Poo Poo”!), but to him it’s the most hilarious thing around. The little twinkle in his eye is priceless.

In our Christmas picture, you can see he is wearing a homemade “crown”. The background story is that he has been wearing it for over a week, and refuses to take it off. He even sleeps with it. He wants us to call him “King Jimmy”. Sigh. Is this a sign of things to come???

I could go on, but I won’t. For you Facebookers, I’ve uploaded pictures and videos, so check it out!

Once again, we hope this newsletter finds you happy and healthy. Our friends and family are always in our hearts, and though we may all be caught up in our busy lives, we miss you and want to keep in touch with you!

May God bless you all, and have a wonderful Christmas season!

恭喜发财  (Gung Hei Fat Choi -   wishing you happiness and prosperity) for 2009!

Love from Diane, Randy, Eli and Jimmy

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