Whoopi Goldberg, "the View" Ladies and Breastfeeding

August 1st, 2008 by Diane Sam

If you're into breastfeeding like we are at MoBoleez, you might be interested in how breastfeeding is being portrayed in the news.

  • Published on the "Huffington Post" May 21, 2008: "Let's Get Serious about Promoting Breastfeeding" by Melissa Bartick.  This article talks about the "Baby Friendly" initative promoting breastfeeding at US hospitals, and found that at some hospitals, almost 99% of babies are supplemented with formula before they even leave the hospital! Sounds pretty high to me! What do you think MoBoleez moms?

  • Have a listen to "The View" ladies talking about how Elizabeth gave up breastfeeding at 7 months (why so early is not really made clear). What do you think? On one hand they are positive, as they talk about how it is such a love affair with your child, but Whoopi is so dismissive of breastfeeding and they all just take that in stride too. Odd. What do MoBoleez moms think? 

I'm also interested in portrayals of nursing on general TV shows, sitcoms, etc..  I was watching an episode of "Supernanny" the other day and she was in a home with newborn twins and of course, they were being bottlefed. I'm always so curious why when I see such young babies (they were maybe 2-4 months old) being regularly bottlefed with formula. Of course, no one is required to satisfy my curiousity, but reality shows are always so ready to delve into every other personal detail, the utter silence around the lack of breastfeeding seems to me to indicate that no one even considers it a problem. 

I imagine if Whoopi had said something like "14 minutes after having the baby, I decided it was fine to smoke a cigarette in front of her", people would be up in arms. I really don't get completely refusing to even try breastfeeding. There are such huge health concerns around not breastfeeding that the cavalier attitude about it seems so misguided. Why is it so ok to be completey dismissive about someone not breastfeeding by choice?

At this point I'm trying hard to avoid saying something like "I'm not judging, but ..."  because, in fact, I am judging.  I can sympathise with moms who try really hard and just can't breastfeed, believe me I was there with you with trying to nurse a preemie, and I also have compassion for moms who are overwhelmed, depressed or have medical problems. But I do take exception to a "whatever"  attitude or the idea that it doesn't matter one way or another.

It would be like a mom of a 10 yr old saying something like "so what if he eats junk food all day". I would judge her too. You have to care about your child's health. You don't have to be a 'perfect mom'. But, call me judgemental if you want,  I believe you have to try. You have to care.

Breastfeeding matters.

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Wendy Armbruster Bell said:

Kudos to you Diane for having the moxie to say what others dare only to think! There is so much scientific evidence on the benefits of breastfeeding however people continue to go through life with "blinders on" choosing either not to inform themselves at all or to ignore the facts presented to them. That's fine if you want to be ignorant about your own health, but this is another human being you are messing with and that's simply not fair.

August 5th, 2008 2:33pm

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