Suri Cruise, Baby shoes and Mommy-preneurs

May 7th, 2008 by Diane Sam

A Mom-preneur gets big time PR!!

Well, as a "mommy-preneur" in the baby products industry, I'm always thrilled when a small company gets a bit "hit", and today MoBoleez congratulates another small mom-owned company whose little shoes were featured on the OPRAH show! The "holy grail" of consumer products promotions!

Mom entrepreneur Katya and her husband Matt, own, an upscale children's boutique near Tom Cruise's house in Colorado. Recenly their little boutique got a huge publicity boost when shoes they carry were featured on the Oprah show! Last Christmas, she helped a friend of Tom/Kate pick out a gift basket for them through her boutique, and then she watched with glee as Oprah walked over to the shoes, and said how cute they were! Well, now the traffic to her little online boutique is through the roof!! and sales are sky-rocketing!!

It just goes to show that sometimes hard work, and a little luck pay off for the little guys. Way to go Katya!

Now, I wonder if Katie is going to be breastfeeding her next little one.... hmm... wouldn't she look lovely nursing with a new MoBoleez hat ....!



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