Mother's Day Gifts for Nursing Moms!

April 24th, 2008 by Diane Sam

Hints/Tips to Celebrate the Nursing mom on Mother's Day ...

Yes, that wonderful day is coming up, when us hard working moms get to put our feet up, go to the spa, get breakfast in bed, flowers on our pillow at night, gifts thrown at our feet....  Mother's Day!

Hmm... now that the fantasy part of this post is over, let's get down to the reality of trying to pick a great gift for a new mom's first Mother's day ...

Let's look at some general guidelines ...

 1. Think of the mom first - baby items are cute for baby, but this is a day to celebrate mom, so don't just get something for baby thinking mom will love it too. Adorable mommy/baby matching sets are an exception (like the ones at

2. Go for earth friendly - check out shops like or look for organic cottons or bamboo/cotton blends for clothing items - like the MoBoleez breastfeeding hat!

3. Everyone says send mom to a day at the spa, but a brand new nursing mom won't want to spend a whole day away from baby, so go for an afternoon session, or a pedicure or a "Mommy Special" offered at some spas where they can bring baby (like ). Ask about baby friendly spas!

4. Ok. I know I'm biased, but get her something that celebrates breastfeeding and breastfeeding accomplishments. Of course, ordering a MoBoleez breastfeeding hat for her is much more fun than a nursing cover or shawl, since it is lighthearted and whimsical, and celebrates breastfeeding instead of hiding it! There's also some fun Celebrate Breastfeeding t-shirts here at !

Ok, those are my general guidelines!  If you're still stuck, there's some more great product ideas at the "Mama-Mista" blog:

Check it out .. .and.... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!



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