Big Bird asks about Breastfeeding!

April 1st, 2008 by Diane Sam

Breastfeeding on TV Shows...

Remember when children's TV was sweet and simple? Remember 1977? (Ok, some of you moms out there are way too young to remember this....)

Anyhow, here is a really cute clip of an old Sesame Street show where big bird asks about breastfeeding ....

Isn't that cute? I wish there were more fun, pro-breastfeeding clips on TV! So, MoBoleez moms - if you find any, let me know!  I'm going to give away a "MoBoleez Media Award' to the best portrayal of breastfeeding in the media, so be on the lookout for me! Maybe the networks worry about the breast exposure, but of course they could use a cute MoBoleez hat on the baby - way better than a bulky nursing cover! I'm not sure why they show a baby with a bottle so often ... breast is best!!!

Since MoBoleez is on a mission to celebrate breastfeeding, maybe we can find some fun, pro-breastfeeding TV clips! Let me know if you find any!

Those were the days..... 

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