Valentine's Gifts for New Moms

February 12th, 2008 by Diane Sam

Well, it's that time of year again.... hearts and flowers and all that jazz!  I know a lot of new moms feel that romance is the last thing on their minds, but for all you dads out there, this is a great time to show your girl how much you love her... and how much you appreciate her! So here is our Valentine gift suggestions for the nursing mom ....

1. Of course, a new MoBoleez hat shows her how much you appreciate the effort she is making to breastfeed! She may want a different design or colour, something fun to show the world she's a proud new mom!

 2. Jewellery that baby can't break! Try a nursing necklace. Check out ! They are natural,  non-dyed, and sustainably produced gemstone jewelry, designed not to break off when babies pull them while nursing or being held in slings or arms. 

3. Fun tank tops for the nursing mom. Fun, sexy and practical! Check out the great selection at MoBoleez online retailer "Modern Mommy":

4. Yes, you can buy nursing nighties that are comfortable, romantic and beautiful! Check out the selection at MoBoleez online retailer, "A Mother's Boutique":

5. Bags! Yes, cool, stylish diaper bags. I love the "diaper purse" from Suzibella:

6. Gift Certificates for some online shopping! Sometimes new moms have a hard time getting out of the house, but they still love to shop! A lot of online retailers offer pre-pay gift cards or gift certificates. MoBoleez retailer "A Mother's Boutique" offers gift certificates, and they have a great selection of gifts for the new mom.

7. Pampering! Check out the local spas in your area that offer "Mommy" specials:  (Le Petit Spa in Vancouver)

8. Matching Mommy and Baby outfits! So cute! Check out these at "Glamajama":  - "from the crib to the catwalk" ..... how cool, eh???

 9. Organic body care and cosmetics. Pamper moms with organic, natural body care products. As a nursing mom (or mom-to-be) your sweetie is going to be extra sensitive to chemicals and harsh ingredients. Check out this valentine special from skin care line "Earth Mama Angel Baby" :

 10.  Organic, Earth Friendly Clothing and Jewellery. As a pregnant or nursing mom, your sweetheart is going to be extra sensitive about the new life she's nurturing. She's going to want natural, wholesome products. There's a selection of great eco-friendly gifts selected for valentine's day at (organic chocolate, bamboo!) Eco-shoppe is a great new store concept, all about saving the earth with fair, natural products - expect great things from them!

and, finally.....

11. Your time. Yes, take off work early, go grocery shopping, come home and cook her dinner. (and clean up!!!) Let her know you love her...

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