Apples Come from the Fridge....Right mommy?

February 4th, 2008 by Diane Sam

Yes, this is the question I was asked this morning by my 3yr toddler. In typical kid fashion, he understands the world literally. When he wants an apple, I go to the fridge and grab him one. So, they must come from the fridge right.... ? (Read on, eventually I link this to breastfeeding .....) 

I'm raising a typical N. American "city kid", a kid who thinks apples come from fridges! This can't be good.

I stumbled through an answer, saying that yes, I get them out the fridge, but that we buy them from a grocery store, that someone picked them and transported them there, but that before all that, they were growing on trees! Apples come from trees! Imagine that!

At this point, he was wandering off, completely disinterested in my answer and singing "Jingle Bells". although Christmas has been over for nearly 2 months now. But, it got me thinking. What can I do to get my kids to understand and appreciate food and nutrition as a natural, coming ultimately from the earth, not miracously arising from the fridge, but rather a result of real people planting, growing, transporting and selling it for us. But also, more than that, to feel part of the system, to understand food as a part of the natural circle of life.

Here's a few things I've thought:

1. getting them to come out and garden with me (I have a small vegetable garden, currently covered in snow, but this would be fun in the spring), and start talking about what I'm doing.

2. Breastfeeding! I'm still nursing our (almost) 2 yr old. So, maybe I should talk to my older toddler more about how nature provides the perfect food for babies......

3. I think I'll take them to a local organic farm (mabye when they're a bit older) - hopefully that'll be a real eye opener - especially when they see how much work goes into growing food!

4. Sometimes I take them to a local petting zoo/farm - I'll have to try to find a baby animal nursing and point it out, so they see how animals provide for their babies just like mommy!  No milk from the fridge here!

Any other ideas? Help! I'm raising city boys!


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