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From our Family to Yours ...

December 18th, 2007 by Diane Sam

Merry Christmas!

To all our Cafe Au Lait blog readers, here's a copy of the "Sam Family Newsletter" for 2007, a glimpse into my family and my thoughts/musings for 2007! (for full graphics version, click here). Many blessings to you, and a wish for peace and prosperity for 2008!

Christmas is the gentlest, loveliest festival of the revolving year - and yet, for all that, when it speaks, its voice has strong authority. .”
~W.J. Cameron

I kept waiting for the “creative muse” to hit before attempting to write this newsletter, but alas, it’s Dec 18, and no muse yet, so I’ll just have to get typing and hope for the best….

Philosophical Musings for the Season

So, the big ‘news’ of the year was that I turned 40 (of course you know that Diane is writing this letter, Randy (my dear husband) passed that particular landmark years ago!) I doubt it’s a big deal to anyone else, and in fact we didn’t even have a party (too busy). But, to me, it was an eye opener. Life seems to pass by, and suddenly a milestone hits,  and then we stop and think where did it all go? Where is it going from here? Am I on the right track? What comes next? What’s the meaning of all this…?

(In case you were wondering, you won’t find all the answers in this newsletter…, but read on ....)

Not only did I spent a good deal of time pondering these questions, I also felt a surge of happiness and energy.  Here I am, at 40, happier and more content than I’ve ever been.  I feel more grounded, like I’ve planted my feet down -  as one of my favourite poets says “beloved on the earth”.

And really, what does it matter what we do, what we accomplish, how long we’re here for, etc.. It only matters how much we love each other.  That’s the Christmas message I wanted to send out to our family and friends this year. You matter to Randy and I. The fact that we have a hand we can reach out to, people we can talk to, visit, laugh with, share stories and break bread with. That’s what matters to us.

As a mother of two curious little boys, I know life is a series of mysteries that I can’t really explain (e.g. “why did God make the flowers mummy?”), but after 40 years on this planet I do know a few things.

I know I am blessed.

I know that I have two children who have been given to Randy and I to love and nurture and raise the best we know how.

I know at the end of the day, when everything’s done (or not done, or ½ done), I have a hand to reach out to, and Randy and I are in this journey of life together and in love.

I know I have friends and family who will read this newsletter and smile.

I know, for all its hurting craziness, that we live in a world that is energized by love, and that once a year, Christmas comes by to remind us to hold on to hope, to hold on to the promise of a little child and to remember that we are all in this together.

And now, the newsy part….

The fun stuff!

The boys are really the joy of our lives right now, Eli is 3 ½ and still a fun charming little guy who’s full of questions.  He loves to sing and dance and “play restaurant”, which means he is always pretending to get me a latte at Starbucks! He has a great imagination, and is having a lot fun learning all the Christmas songs. Of course his current favourite is “Grandma got run over by a Reindeer” by the Irish Rovers (sorry Mom!).

Jimmy is little sweetheart. He’s now 1 ½ and is running around, and loves to play with blocks and trucks. He’s at that really cute learning to talk stage. My favourite is when he really likes something he says “Woooow”, and then when he falls he say “Whoooaa”. I’d say he’s a bit more independent than Eli was at that age,  and can sit and play with a building block toy or puzzle for a long time, just enjoying himself.


Eli trying on his "hockey" helmet - a future NHL'er and true Canadian boy!


Our boys by the Christmas tree! Oh why, oh why can I never get Jimmy to smile for the camera? All I want for Christmas is a picture of Jimmy smiling. He really is a happy boy.....!

 For the most part, they seem to get along fine, except for the occasional toy dispute. At bedtime there’s lots of kisses/hugs and little Jimmy calls Eli “broder…”.  It just melts your heart.

I started a new business this year - manufacturing and selling breastfeeding hats! Check it out at (part of the surge of energy I guess)..! 

Randy has been busy supporting his wife’s business ventures and being the general  backbone of this family. He’s also been working on making the  house more energy efficient, installing insulation, energy saving devices, etc.. We all have to do our part!

We did manage a trip to Palm Springs this year, and had fun hanging out with Mom and Dad Currie as well as our friend’s the Lal’s who have two girls a bit older than our boys. It was a lot of fun as Randy and Ro got to go golfing, and Lindsay and I got away from the kids for a bit of shopping. Too bad it was early in the year, before our dollar surged! Oh well, we managed :)

Gung hei fat Choi!  (May Prosperity be with you!)


... Diane, Randy, Eli & Jimmy



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