You've heard of a wedding planner...why not a baby coordinator?

December 3rd, 2007 by Diane Sam

We've all heard of wedding planners, who will help you pick a location, hire a cateror, decorate, invite, etc.. for your wedding day (and honeymoon, and pre-wedding showers, etc), Why not do the same thing for when the baby comes?

Check out:

Their services include: designing baby's nursery; organizing the dresser, armoire and wardrobe; personalizing a trousseau, jewelry, stationary and silverware; tailer making layettes, christening robes and bath accessories; customizing baby's stationery and correspondence; assistance preparation for the hospital and registering for the shower; and planning baby soirees!

Wow! I should have included this company in my Holiday Gift Guide for the Nursing Mom! The nursery designs and decor on their website are just wonderful. I know having a baby and raising a family is hard work, and physically exhausting for the new mom, especially if she's had a tough labour or a C-section, etc.. so what a joy it would be to come  home to a beautiful nursery, high quality baby clothes and accessories (including a MoBoleez breastfeeding hat!), and, when she's ready, a celebration/soiree/christening etc.. all organized for her.

I think this is going to be a growing field... a few years ago, no one had heard of a wedding planner... and now they're quite common. If it helps the new mom/dad feel less pressured, then there is going to be a booming business!

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