Christmas Gifts for Nursing Moms!

November 26th, 2007 by Diane Sam

Top Ten Holiday Gift Ideas for Nursing Moms! 

of course our hats are number one, but read on... there's lots more fun ideas .... 

1. Our MoBoleez holiday designs are selling fast, and would make a great gift item for a new mom this Christmas. She's sure to be out and about at lots of holiday parties, and a fun MoBoleez hat helps her celebrate the season, and celebrate breastfeeding at the same time! 15% off with the code HOLIDAY2007 online at !

2. How about a personal chef to cook a few meals? But, if that's too much for the budget, try some ready-made or pre-prepped meals from one of these new type of meal prep places (see to see what I'm talking about).

3. A good, but pretty nursing bra. Chances are, she is tired of the ugly nursing bra she picked up at the dept store. Why not surprise her with a new one? MoBoleez retailer Room for Two Maternity on Commercial Drive has a great selection (

4. Books - how about the adorable "The Wonders of Mother's Milk" (I reviewed it here: ). Beautiful, and it will be a great long term memento of her time breastfeeding!

5. Pampering! Check out some spas around town that offer mommy specials! Like:

6. Mama & Baby Body Butter  from Dimpleskins Naturals. I love this stuff! Dimpleskins is a Canadian company specializing in all natural baby/mommy skin and body care. Their Mama and Baby body butter is aluxurious blend of butters and organic oils making this an excellent massage oil for baby, and perfect on mom's pre and postnatal tummy!

7. Another great book idea! If she's into diet/health and natural living (and lots of new moms are really concerned and interested in this topic), get her a copy of the  enormously practical book:  Healthy Mum, Happy Baby: How to Feed Yourself When You’re Breastfeeding Your Baby"

8. Some new clothes! If she's just had a baby, and is breastfeeding, chances are she's lost weight, but may not be back to her "pre-baby' weight either. Give her something soft, comfortable and fashionable to make her feel good. Maternity tops are ok, but they don't need to be maternity, (since she's got a MoBoleez hat anyway!), just some colourful, fun new tops with a bit of room!

9. Nanny/doula/babysitter - anyone that can help out and maybe give mom a night out or a few hours to herself! A part time or on call nanny is a fantastic help (see, a doula will be great for the first weeks/months after birth (if you're in BC, check out for more info).

10. And, finally, what every breastfeeding mom needs more of... SLEEP! Let mom take a rest - put together a 'sleep kit" wiith new pajammas, soft new sheets, a body pillow - and send her off for a well deserved nap! 

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