Book Review: The Wonders of Mother's Milk

October 30th, 2007 by Diane Sam

Children's books tend to reflect our society's bias towards feeding babies by bottle, so I was quite excited to come across "The Wonders of Mother's Milk" by Mishawn Purnell-O'Neal.  

How did I find out about this great book? Well I got a call the other day from health educator and author Mishawn Purnell O'Neal, founder of Breastfeeding America. After a great talk about how much we both loved breastfeeding, and our shared passion to get the word out on how it's so beneficial, and emotionally rewarding for mom and baby, Mishawn mentioned her book "The Wonders of Mother's Milk". I had to get one!

My book arrived in the mail this morning, and it is a lot of fun to read. It's all about (of course), the wonder's of breastfeeding! I think it would be great for moms who have a toddler and a new baby they are breastfeeding, because you could read it to the toddler and explain how great mother's milk is! The illustrations are what really make the book - they are colourful, inclusive, multi-cultural, and generally wonderful.

Thanks Mishawn, for creating this beautiful book celebrating breastfeeding. I had to include it here, because it is exactly along the lines of what MoBoleez is all about - celebrating breastfeeding in fun beautiful ways!

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