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September 13th, 2007 by Diane Sam

MoBoleez Mom Monica Bidwell from Central City, Kentucky, sent us a few photos of her and her baby Josi having fun this summer with their MoBoleez hat.  (see our testimonials page for more pictures of Monica and Josi).

This got us thinking....since our mission is to support the new mom, and celebrate and encourage breastfeeding, why not collect fun, interesting photos of our proud breastfeeding, MoBoleez moms?  A lot of photos of the nursing mom are so cliche and follow a sort of passive, boring format. Why not show nursing as fun, playful and public, a real celebration? Like the photos Monica sent! Or, the "Cafe Au Lait" photo?

We are collecting photos, stories, video's about women's experiences breastfeeding, so come on MoBoleez moms, send us your fun breastfeeding photos!  All moms who send us a photo of them with a MoBoleez hat will be entered in our monthy draw for a free MoBoleez hat (great gift idea!).

Just send it via email to:

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