A Sense of Humour about Breastfeeding??? YES!!!

September 24th, 2010 by Diane Sam


Products that have a Sense of Humour!

What I love about these products is there sense of humour and whimsy. Too often, discussions about breastfeeding can be so serious and emotional. Of course, I get that. I'm a passionate advocate of breastfeeding, and really do take my committment to promoting breastfeeding and encouraging new moms seriously. But, I'd like to think that underlying that committment, and our MoBoleez product lines in general, is a sense of fun and whimsy! 

Check these out!

1. A "wearable art" nursing bra made from a collection of baby formula scoops (the free scoops that come in formula tins), thread onto a hand woven wire frame, lined in felt, and painted red. Not your average nursing bra! But a lot of fun!

2. Some fun "Eat Local" breastfeeding T-shirts for mom! eat local


3. Of course, our whimsical collection of MoBoleez classic hats with their fun "Cafe Au Lait" , "Au Lait S'il Vous Plait", "Beelicious", "Milky Way" designs! If you are going to buy a nursing cover, why not have some fun instead of putting on a big old-style  'cape' cover?



4. There's lots of great, practical products for nursing moms that have fun names or marketing images, like the "Booby Tubes" from Earth Mama Angel Baby or the fun marketing images like this from PumpEase hands-free pumping bras:

pumpeaseBTW, Wendy, the founder of PumpEase has recently caught some slack about this image. I think it's just a really fun, and pro-women message. So, if you agree it's a great photo, send her a little love  ... tell her Diane sent you :)


5. Books like the photography book "Breastfeeding with Comfort and Joy" and beautifully illustrated children's books like "The Wonders of Mother's Milk" are great ways of celebrating what breastfeeding means to us.

My point here is that we need to take back breastfeeding from the clinical, medical model of boring products and images, and provide moms with images/products that not only normalize it (of course), but also make it fun and make sure that while we are educating and empowering women, we are also making sure that we celebrate!

And creativity and art (including creative marketing ideas), are great ways of doing that!

Do you know of any other products that have a sense of humour and fun around breastfeeding? Post them here!


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Wendy Armbruster Bell said:

Thanks for the shout-out Diane! I like Posh Pads and Hot Mama Gowns. They both feature beautiful and modern fashion fabrics that make moms feel pretty during the postpartum period.

September 24th, 2010 10:57pm

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