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Pink Breastfeeding Hats to Support Breast Cancer Research

 MoBoleez™  breastfeeding hats announces that 25% of the proceeds of all online sales of their pink breastfeeding hats will be donated to Breast Cancer charities in the USA and Canada

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Vancouver, BC, Canada, May 11, 2010 – MoBoleez™ is excited to announce that from today forward, 25% of the proceeds from the online sales of their pink breastfeeding hats will be donated in support of breast cancer research and education in the US and Canada (Canadian sales to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, and USA sales to the Breast Cancer Action).

MoBoleez breastfeeding hats are large brimmed baby hats designed to  allows breastfeeding moms to nurse in comfort and in-style.  

“Researchers are finding out more everyday about how breastfeeding, included extended breastfeeding,  contributes to overall breast health, and we wanted to find a way to support this much needed research" 
says Diane Sam, MoBoleez inventor and mom-preneur.

Sam, mother of 2 and currently breastfeeding her 4 year old son, believes that more research is needed into the links between breastfeeding older children (toddlers and pre-schoolers) and women's health issues, and hopes this program will contribute to more research in this area.

"Buying one of our cute, whimsical pink hats for a new mom not only celebrates her choice to breastfeed, but also contributes to a good cause."

MoBoleez pink hats are available online at

About MoBoleez 

MoBoleez designs and manufactures a fun line of breastfeeding hats, designed to allow new moms to breastfeed in style and confidence! MoBoleez hats are unique, one-of-kind alternatives to a bulky nursing cover, and are sold in quality retail outlets nationwide and online at

MoBoleez was founded by Diane Sam, a well-known breastfeeding advocate and former family counsellor, with the vision of celebrating and supporting new moms

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Diane Sam
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We think MoBoleez and our products would make a great story. They are unique products, in a brand new product category, and make a great nursing cover!  Find out more about MoBoleez by downloading our press kit.

Diane has a background as a public speaker, educator and former radio commentator, and can provide a lighthearted look at combining motherhood, nursing and business life!

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